Does an Author need a website?

When I first started creating websites about 15 years ago, everyone wanted a website.  I would ask them why do you want a website?  The common answer was ‘because everyone else has a website’.  

That was not a good reason to have a website, so I’d explain, that their website has to have a purpose.

Do you want it to sell something?  Inform people?  Direct them to go to another website or a location? Do you want to discuss specific ideas or agendas?  Is the site to help and guide people? 

So does an author need a website? An author’s website is no different.  Usually the reason people write a book is to sell it, although sometimes it is just a nagging feeling you have to get your thoughts into writing and then somehow along the way it has become a book. 

A website is a great way to sell your books, however you may have chosen not to sell the book yourself, but to redirect a potential buyer to another site where they can buy it, such as Amazon or Booktopia. 

Another important aspect of your website is to connect with your readers or people who haven’t yet picked up your book.  Have you have bought a book yourself and wondered what the author was like? A blog on your website helps the people connect to you on a more personal level, but search engines like Google love it.  New content like a monthly blog will be seen by Google and the more people that click on your articles, the more Google will send more traffic to your site.  And that’s a good thing! 

Speaking of Google, have you heard of a ‘bounce rate’?  Google analytics can show you what the bounce rate of your website is.  In other words when a person lands on your website, how long do they stay there? Bounce rate is a measure of the percentage of people who land on your website and have done nothing.  They don’t click on a menu item, any ‘read more’ links or anything at all.  Then leave your site – they have bounced right off!  So Google hasn’t received a trigger from the visitor except that they have landed on your site.  Keeping people engaged on your website is very important for your website’s ranking.  The higher the ranking the more visibility and the higher propensity for you making sales!  

A few quick bullet points to consider

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