Titles, Quotes, Poems and More

Do you sometimes sit looking at a blank screen or notebook hoping some ideas will miraculously jump out at you or better still write themselves?

We found a website that has fabulous resources that might help.

It’s a scrapbooking site! Scrapbookers always need to come up with interesting or quirky titles, quotes or poems for their scrapbook but we have found they are a great resource for many genres of writing.

But it may not be a title you are looking for but purely an idea for a blog or a section in your book.  These titles may just give you that idea and send you off in a direction you may never have thought of before.

On this website, www.scrapbook.com, under the section ‘Titles’ is a large collection of titles that is categorised into different topics, like animals, adventure, playtime, halloween, cooking and a ton more!

Titles examples

Some titles from the "bedtime" category

“Good Knight, Sleep Tight”
“Tales From The Crib”
“Beautiful Dreamer”

Some titles from the "animal" category

“A Cat Can Purr Its Way Out Of Everything”
“My Beauty Is More The Fur Deep”

Some titles from the "garden" category

“A Rose By Any Other Name”
“Bucket Full Of Memories”
“Every Flower Of Every Tomorrow Are In The Seeds Of Today”

From the "grandpa, grandma, grandchildren" category

“Grandpa’s Are Antique Little Boys”
“The Apple Of My Eye”
“If Mum Says No, Ask Grandma”

Quotes examples

"Over the hill" category

"Animals" category

"School" category

Check out the fabulous resources page on their website (under the ‘more’ link) as it may get your creative juices flowing!


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