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When you put in a word or phrase into the search field of Google, have you noticed how other words appear below as a suggestion for what you are looking for?
All the results you see are actual searches that other people have already searched for. So now you know some of what people want!

There are around 3 billion Google searches every day so don’t ignore this, as it is a brilliant trick for knowing what people around the globe are asking or looking for. 

Then you will enable you to be very targeted to what you want to write, but also to know the questions which your potential customers are actively asking. It can provide you with insight, validation and add some depth to your content and marketing strategies.

This UK website is a brilliant resource that pulls together those results in many formats. It will break down a question into who, what, which, how, when, where, are, will, can.

For example: take the topic “Nestle”.
Their tool shows some of the actual questions that people have asked about that topic including:

The results that show after you enter a term or phrase are all actual results from people conducting a Google search.

Answer The Public comparison tool

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